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Calls, Studies & Games - SaVaSa Trio

The first album CD of Trio SaVaSa

Interweave (2015)

Sava Stoianov, Trumpet

Valentín Garvie, Trumpet

Saar Berger, Horn

Total time, ca. 123 min.

Travelling Pieces

portrait CD of Saar Berger

Drawing (2012)

Saar Berger, Horn

Total time, ca. 68 min.

they are. Das Internationale Kompositionsseminar

Simulgenesis (2009/2012)

This CD is collective of music by young composers who participated in the International Ensemble Modern Composition Seminar 2004-2013. The piece on this recording is the 2009 version.

Total time, ca. 81 min.


Ken Ishii presents Metropolitan Harmonic Formulas


Ken Ishii collaborates with many artists who are living in different fields of music as his original field, techno music, to challenge finding new sources for his creation.

I participated in this project of him with music materials for his composition Scapula.

Total time, ca. 77 min.

Люлка ( ljulka )

portrait CD of Sava Stoianov

Osmosis Phoneme (2007)

Miako Klein, recorder

Sava Stoianov, Trumpet

Total time, ca. 73 min.

At one’s elbow (2005)

with dance performance

Eliane Krauer and Marta S, Choreograph

Junko Krimoto, Soprano Saxophone

Monica Colominas, Guitar


portrait CD of Chikage Imai

The woman of talents ~ from Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon (2004)

1. spring

2. summer

3. autumn

4. winter

5. At one’s elbow - music version - (2006)

for soprano saxophone and guitar

TRISHADE (2005-2006)

6. an obscure path

7. on the frontier

8. a substantial bloom

Lucas Vis, direct

Ayako Okubo, flute

Ainhoa Miranda Gimenez, clarinet

Kaspar Snikkers, bassoon

Elisabeth Hünnerkopf, harp

Naomi Sato, Soprano Saxophone

Monica Colominas, guitar

Bart De Vrees, percussion

Maribeth Diggle, soprano

Sosuke Matsuzaka, violin

Jacco Hermsen, viola

Ilonka van den Bercken, violoncello

Stefan Pliquett, double bass

Total time, ca. 57 min.

Una voce poco fa

awarded Echo Klassik 2005

Alliage Quartet with Jang Eun Bae

Seductive Realm (2004)

An arranged work of “Magic Flute” from Morzart

Total time, ca. 68 min.

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