Verbalizing for flute solo (2009)

commissioned by Ayako Okubo



Cross boundary 2 <waveform> for recorder solo (2014/2016)*

written for Tosiya Suzuki



Drawing for horn solo (2012)

commissioned by Saar Berger



Transcendent fro trumpet solo (2016)*

dedicated to Sava Stoianov



Piano Suite for “Britcha became a rainbow” (2005)

music for a Japanese fairy tail “Britcha became a rainbow” 



Inspection for percussion solo (2016)*



Chamber Music




H into H (2009/2012)

for horn and harpshichord 

awarded an honorable mention by Prix Annelie de Man Prize

Once upon a time, a man... ~ from Ise Monogatari (2010)

for Noh voice and piccolo 

commissioned by Nakagawa Canal Art and ensemble no, Japan

Five for the circle (2009/2010)

for saxophone and percussion 

commissioned by Sax and Stix

Osmosis Phoneme (2007)

for trumpet and recorder 

commissioned by Miako Klein and Sava Stoianov

® "Люлка ( ljulka )" released by Ensemble Modern Media

Vectorial Projection II - turning of the lathe (2007)

for bass clarinet and accordion

commissioned by Duo Plus

At one’s elbow <music version> (2006)

for soprano saxophone and guitar 

® "TRISHADE" released by Power Record

Tink ~ after the frolic (2004)

for flute and soprano saxophone 

Three effects (2003)

for trombone and tuba 

Tink (2003)

for flute and soprano saxophone 



Arcs (2013)

for Sho, Great bass recorder and 20-stringed koto 

commissioned by Toshiya Suzuki 

Mare’s tail Lazulite (2008)

for piccolo, soprano recorder and harp 

commissioned by Trio Tritone with support of Suite Muziekweek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

TRISHADE - on the frontier (2006)

for clarinet, violin and violoncello 

® "TRISHADE" released by Power Record

TRISHADE - an obscure path (2005)

for flute, viola and harp 

® "TRISHADE" released by Power Record

Self-seekers (2004)

for bassoon, counter tenor and baritone 

written for Yo! Festival project in Utrecht, The Netherlands 


Quartet and larger instrumentation

towards G (2012)

for 5 musicians 

commissioned by Music from Japan, New York 

Morphing - state of matter (2011)

for 7 musicians 

commissioned by Westdeutschen Rundfunks with support of Freunde des Ensemble Modern e. v., Germany

Simulgenesis (2009 revised 2010)

for 17 musicians, dedicated for Joji Yuasa 

written for International Composition Seminar of International Ensemble Modern Academy 08/09 /

the revised version performed by Tokyo Sinfonietta

Vectorial Projection IV - fireworks (2008)

for violin solo and 12 musicians 

commissioned by Festival d’Automne á Paris 2008 with support of Rohm Music Foundation, Paris

Vectorial Projection I - bouncing ball (2006)

for12 musicians 

written for Open Music Project / Honorable mention of the 28th Irino Prize for Chamber music

TRISHADE - a substantial bloom (2006)

for flute, viola, harp, clarinet, violin, violoncello, bassoon, double bass and percussion 

® "TRISHADE" released by Power Record

The woman of talents ~ from Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon (2004)

for flute, clarinet, guitar, soprano and percussion 

® "TRISHADE" released by Power Record















Arrangement work 



Seductive Realm (2004)

for saxophone quartet and piano (a transcription from Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

commissioned by Alliage Saxophone Quartet

® "Una voce poco fa" released by Musik Dabring und Grimm MDG 

Tag Line 

for Alto saxophone and piano (a transcription from Die Dreigroschenoper (The Threepenny Opera) by Kurt Weill) 

commissioned by Lutz Koppetsch

A fragment of graphic score of  “Vectorial Projection IV -fireworks (2008)”

Copyright 2011 Chikage Imai all rights received